Tap Tap Builder Wikia

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Resources and keys[]


Boosting credits/resources[]

  • See table on the Resources page. You can always take a break to get passive income!

Increasing resource storage[]

  • Credits - build and upgrade Banks or invest in a Unique Central Bank to increase your limit.
  • Resources - build and upgrade Concrete and Metal warehouses to increasen the capacity.

Getting and using free Keys[]

Increasing power (electricity)[]

  • Your city's power is a level value, and doesn't increase with time.
  • You must build or upgrade Power Plants to increase the power.
  • All new buildings and their upgrades will reduce your power level.

Restoring/increasing energy[]

  • Energy - unlike power, energy is the muscle value that allows work and fast construction.
  • See table on the Resources page. You can always take a break to get passive energy!

Codes and coupons[]

Getting and using Coupon Codes[]

  • Coupon Codes - 5-digit codes you can enter at Post Office or Pub for rewards. (ur mum 69)
  • Obtaining - Coupon Codes can be generated and received from other players.
  • Free coupons are also posted daily on the Tap Tap Builder Facebook account.

Getting and using Invite Coupons[]

  • Pub - you can send an Invite Coupon to another player using the pub.
  • Limit - You can send only up to 5 invite coupons and receive up to 10.
  • Rewards - Collecting coupons will reward you with credits, resources and free keys.

Issues decoding a Coupon[]

  • Validity - check you spelt everything correctly and that the coupon hasn't expired.
  • Make sure your city's correct Postal Code was used when generating the coupon.

Getting and using Promo Codes[]

  • Promo Codes - 6-digit codes you can enter in the Main Server building for rewards.
  • Obtaining - you can find the codes on social networks by searching #TapTapBuilder.
  • Each player has their own Promo Code - find and share it from settings or the server.
  • List of codes - check the List:Codes page for an extensive list, and add your own!

Lists of Codes[]

City management[]

Managing buildings[]

  • You can move, rotate, paint or demolish buildings. See info on the Buildings page.

Extending the island[]

  • Landscape Institute - build this Unique building to dry sea for land, build bridges and plant trees.
  • Bridge - To build a bridge, first convert a strip of sea platforms into land.
  • Build a Road over them, and a road bridge will be created automatically!

Game progress/settings[]


The game lags or crashes[]

  • Device - your device may simply be underperforming, especially if it's an older model.
  • Try reducing the battery usage and freeing up storage to make your device run smoother.
  • Settings - game updates may improve performance, meanwhile change game settings.

Saving/restoring progress[]

  • Local save - the game saves your progress automatically on your device during gameplay.
  • Cloud save - you can sign in and backup or load your progress from settings on any device.
  • You'll need an internet connection and a valid account on iCloud, Google Play or Facebook.

Resetting your progress[]

  • If desired, your current game progress (not backed up cloud data) can be reset in settings.

City management issues[]


Fixing high unemployement[]

  • Apartments - work in them to increase the population. Building more will increase pop. capacity.
  • Growth bonuses - increase the pop. growth by building the Hospital and City Administration.
  • Demolish - demolish any unnecessary buildings with employees to use them in other buildings.
  • Take a break - your city population will increase naturally over time.

Fixing a total lack of power[]

  • You may lack resources to build or upgrade a power plant, while having insufficient employees.
  • Demolish unnecessary buildings, e.g. offices, to free up employees and reduce consumption.

City progress[]


Increasing building slots[]

  • City level - gaining EXP and increasing city level will give you more slots.
  • Pawnshop - you can exchange Golden Keys for extra building slots here.
  • Demolish - demolishing unnecessary exisitng buildings will free up slots.
  • Check your currently used slots and the slot limit in the "Your City" menu.

Building projects faster[]

  • Technical Lab - this Special building will increase the efficiency from each tap when building.
  • Construction Crane - build and upgrade the crane to slowly construct projects automatically.
  • Unique buildings - the Robot Center will increase crane efficiency.
  • The Engineering Center will give a construction efficiency % boost.

Speeding up progress[]

  • Special buildings - upgrading these will give you major boosts to your city and production.
  • These require Golden keys to build and upgrade. Each one has a maximum of 20 levels.
  • Unique buildings - these require Ruby Keys to build but give massive boosts in return!

Other questions[]


Airplanes aren't showing up[]

  • Airport Terminal - build this Service building to see airplanes and send citizens to others.
  • Resources - tap on green airplanes for credits, and white/blue planes for concrete/metal.
  • Keys - tap on rare gold planes to get Golden Keys, and rare red planes to get Ruby Keys!

Time travel and ban appeals[]

  • You may be banned for attempting to change the time settings on your device for benefits.
  • Email support@herocraft.com with a screenshot of the ban message and your Postal Code.
  • Your request will be reviewed and you may be unbanned by receiving an unban Coupon.